Me when I’m forced to go anywhere.


Dear future girlfriend: I apologize for my mom in advance.. I think I’m adopted.


At least one of my problems isn’t accidentally getting pregnant

Guess who found drugs while cleaning her room…


dont ask me for relationship advice because i will always just tell you to break up w/ them and throw their shit in a dumpster because i do not understand the concept of allowing anyone to treat you poorly this is a zero tolerance zone 


It’s really frustrating to see comments like ”it’s only a joke” or that ”he’s just being quirky” and not leaving any room for other options like maybe, just maybe the reason why Harry wears women’s shorts is part of his gender expression. Why do they have to be so adamant? Does it make them uncomfortable or what? Harry is out there not caring about gender norms and yet some people feel the need to confine him with them. 


if you think black women wearing their hair natural is unprofessional you are racist.


"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison

“I need you to be clingy because I’m paranoid and I begin to think you don’t like me if you’re not.” — My fucked up brain (via emotionalfarts)

I just saw someone complaining about how they’re dorm cost was 2000$…BITCH PLEASE mine is 6800$